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The time has come to begin again. To write again, to feel again, to love again. These three things have been put off in my life for much too long due to fear. I cannot live my life in fear and pretend that I am actually living.

Fear is no way to live. It is dark, lonley, uninviting, and unproductive. I am changing these things one step at a time, one day at a time.

Change is difficult; I will not deny that fact. I will also not deny the fact that not changing would be much more difficult in the long run. The price I pay now will forever shape my future, my happiness, my life. It will also teach my children to live and to love; to take risks and enjoy the good and the bad experiences for what they are…lessons. Whether good or bad, if an experience taught you something it is a lesson.

I am learing some very difficult lessons lately and am thankful that the lessons from my past have given me the strength to face these challenges with an open mind. Things really are not always what they seem.

Through my writings, I hope to face the fears that try to cripple me. I hope to open my mind to be able to see things from other perspectives before making decisions that will forever shape my future. I hope to inspire people to open their minds to the world around them; to see the same things as they’ve never seen them before. 



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