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So Blessed

After church on Sunday I took the boys to the grocery store to buy something to cook for lunch. As we find the ‘convenience food’ isle the boys start to make suggestions. One boy pulls a can of soup off the shelf; I have a bowl, I have milk, “Sorry son, we can’t get that one.”

Boy 2, “Why not Mom?”

“Becuase Mommy doesn’t have a can opener.” Thankfully we found a brand that had the tab lid, so he could still get soup.

Boy 1, “Mom can we have chicken?”

“Sorry son, Mom doesn’t have an oven to cook it in.”

Thus, the life of a homeless mom spending her weekend visitation with her boys…I am blessed that I am not living in a van down by the river. I am staying at what can be classified as a ‘roach motel’ although the accomodations really aren’t that bad. I have one bed, a mini fridge, and a microwave. Things COULD be much worse.

I am thankful that we have travelled enough that staying in a hotel is a fun treat for my kids.

My kids are learning to appreciate the little things in life…never have they had Easy Mac…today they did. They would not have had that if I had my own place to live. Last night we had pizza for supper because Pizza Hut has a $10 large…I can feed all three of us for $10!! LOL

Looks like I Will be able to move into my apartment May 5 or 6. That means three more weeks here, which has/will drain my savings. That’s okay though. I HAD savings, I HAD the forsight to be prepared for this posibility.

I really am going to be okay. I got this…I’ve been through worse and it prepared me for this. Is it difficult, sure is. There are days I wonder how I can continue. I know I must continue, my children deserve the best life. I must fight for their lives.

I am in a fight for my children’s lives…just as I was 6 years ago when I spent 23 weeks on strict bedrest to give my baby the best chance at life. This fight is going to be much longer than 23 weeks…but at least I am allowed to shower everyday for as long as I want, I don’t have to self administer needles every day, nor do I have to take medication every four hours around the clock. Heck I don’t even have to go to the doctor every week…this is easy compared to all of that.

Things could be worse, they could be MUCH worse. I am blessed, very blessed.


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