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I am having a very difficult time posting today. I have started several posts that always seem to run off in the ditch somehow. Being at work means I can’t focus as well as I should be on the content. 

I had a great weekend this weekend. I worked on Saturday PLUS got my boys. Although it was not my scheduled weekend for visitation, I was able to have them for nearly 24 hours. Every minute I spend with them right now is magical. Even when my minutes with them are not actually with them…let me explain.

My best friend and her husband have become Aunt and Uncle to my kids. The boys are treated like family and feel so comfortable in their care. Boy 2 is so comfortable he is often coming home with things in his pocket (like spare change and suckers) he finds at their house. He thinks this is hilarious to be so sneaky. 

The boys came to visit me at work on Saturday after their bowling banquet. Boy 1 had some patches and trophies to show off plus the door prizes they won. They both asked if they could spend the day at our friend’s house and after checking with my friend they called their dad to let him know they weren’t coming home…I did make Boy 1 change it from, “Dad, we are staying with Mom” to, “Dad, can we spend the night?” 

My friend came to pick them up and I headed over there after work. We stayed for supper where Boy 2 and I cooked hot dogs and hamburgers for everybody…we sucked…I think we burnt everything we cooked…sorry guys. It was my first time cooking with charcoal…cut me some slack!! The kids made s’mores after supper while I crashed on the living room couch…another indication of my comfort level in this home!

I was tired after a few long days and wanted to go back to my hotel room and watch a movie with the boys (yes, I had EVERY intention of watching it through my eye lids). I called the boys from the basement and told them we needed to get going…they BOTH wanted to spend the night. Boy 1 has spent a few nights with the family before but I don’t think Boy 2 ever has. I said they had to ask Auntie…who said he had to ask Uncle…who said he had to ask me…poor kid…we had him running in circles for a little while before he decided he was staying. Yes, we are that cruel. 

The next day we met at the church my  friend and I decided we wanted to check out. We are both trying to find a church that fits us so have decided to attend a few churches to see if we can find our home church. I pray that we are led to the same church. 

I am always amazed that God puts us where we need to be at the exact moment we need to be there. Yesterday’s sermon spoke to my heart, and to Boy 1’s heart. It actually brought him to tears more than once. We are suffering with change…the kids more than me as I have been able to embrace the fact that although change is painful at times, it leads to bigger and better things. Although not easy for a child to wrap his head around a wonderful conversation starter.

I took the boys back to their house after church and the transition was much smoother this week. The drive home is becoming less stressful. Dropping them off was about hugs and love you’s instead of tears and turmoil. That is what my kids need…comfort, security, peace.

The work schedule has been posted for the week and I have Thursday off again. I cannot wait to tell the boys! I will be spending it with them as I did last week. 

Everyday I am seeing the good things in my life. Everything is coming along nicely. I have two more weeks until I move into my apartment and I can’t wait!!

Thank you all for your support, for your friendship…I could not do this alone, and it is nice to know I don’t have to!


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