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Getting There

I moved most of my few things into my apartment Friday night. I even decided I was going to eat supper there…spaghetti with stewed tomatoes was my choice…until half way through cooking my noodles I realized I didn’t even have a can opener to open the tomatoes. *facepalm*

Can you guess what my FIRST purchase will be??

Decided to spend one last night at my friend’s house. I didn’t get to go buy an air mattress plus their oldest boy is sleeping at a friend’s house so he’s not going to miss his bed for one more night.

I have been offered a free futon though (although I have no details of when it will be available or how to get it to my new place). People are good…life is good.

Daughter is doing well in hospital, I am going to see her on Monday for a care team meeting. Keep her in your prayers, she’s doing some extremely tough work right now and there are some big decisions to be made.


One thought on “Getting There

  1. Woman..I feel your pain. I had to admit my son at the age of 17 into a mental health facility at which he remained for a year. The day I left him at the hospital still tears at my memory, but like you, I had to surrender to the knowledge that he needed help..help I couldn’t provide.

    I will keep your whole family in my prayers!

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