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Then it Hits You…

As I lay on my newly inflated air mattress reading the ‘do not inflate before reading’ instructions it hits me; I have never lived alone before and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I lived with my parents until I left and moved in with a boyfriend. When he and I broke up I moved back in with my parents, I was still only 19, it was acceptable. I lived with my parents again until moving in with my next boyfriend and with him I had Girl. I was 21 when she was born and I have never lived alone since.

Now here I am, 39 years old and sleeping on an air mattress (a futon has been donated just have to get it here). I went from a 2000 sq ft four bedroom, two bath home on a one acre lot to a one bedroom apartment with no furniture. I did bring some nik-naks from the house…but you need to have something other than the floor to display them on, so they will stay in the boxes for now. As I looked out my window in the living room last night I was pleasantly surprised to see a play structure out back, and a nice one. The boys are going to love it.

So what does every, self-respecting 39 year old do on their first night in their new place? That’s right…eat gelato and potato chips for supper.

I did buy a can opener and a few other things yesterday. I found some shower curtain hooks on clearance for $2.50 that were Cars themed so Mater, Lightning, and Finn McMissile hold up my shower curtain…the boys will love it. A cutlery tray, a super absorbent dish drying towel, and a few groceries so it’s official, I’m moved in.

THEN…it hits me this morning…I have no sugar for my coffee *facepalm*. Yep, I’m a big girl…laying here on my air mattress pouting because I have no sugar for my coffee. I’ve only met one neighbor, and she scares me. She’s an older lady who introduced herself the other day by starting to tell me what my boys can and can’t do when they play outside…this could get interesting…I’m not asking her for sugar. She’s never so much as seen my boys yet and already she has rubbed me wrong. Guess what lady, I have awesome kids that are exactly that, KIDS. Get over your bad self granny.

And anyway, there is coffee at church…and they always have sugar.


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