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I Will Not Puke

I cannot puke, I am at work…not very nice for the person at the front desk of the hotel to be bent over a garbage can. Right now though, I want to puke.

I just got a call from the hospital where my daughter is. They are ready to discharge her on Friday afternoon. They are ready, she is stable…but is she ready?

Her age has caused some major issues right now. Her entire care team thinks she needs long term, residential care…this is not available before the age of 18. She has nine days between discharge and 18.

Wow…it’s a good thing I’m sitting down because otherwise I would be on the floor…this news has knocked the wind right out of me. This is how people fall through the cracks, THIS is how kids get lost in the system.

Thankfully she is not necessarily ‘in’ the system to be misplaced, but once she is 18, it could take an act of the courts to force her in to long term care if she does not agree to go willingly. And how are the last nine days of her being a minor going to play out?

Please pray, pray that these people are doing what it right for her, that this is in her best interests.

I will not puke. I.will.not.puke. (at least not until I’m finished here at work).


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