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My Baby is Sick

My baby girl is in the hospital. She is very sick. She was admitted on May 1, and is looking at a week or so before she can come home still.

My daughter has Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Her brain is sick. This is the same way we explained it to her when she was little and I was in and out of the hospital for recurring episodes of major depression. This is now how we explain it to the boys.

She is still in the phase of coming to terms with her illness, learning new behaviors, and medical intervention. Much like a patient comes to deal with a diabetes diagnosis, she must now face a lifetime of work to stay stable. I know…I’m in the same fight.

The most difficult part of a mental health issue is that even with medications, there is still hard work to be done. As a diabetic must change their diet, she must change her thought patterns, her habits, and her perception. She needs to come to terms with the fact that her brain may NOT always have her best interests in mind.

Her PTSD stems from a vehicle accident she had in 2011. She was driving and rolled on a gravel road. Although not wearing her seatbelt, she remained in the vehicle and was not seriously injured. The reality of the situation didn’t hit her until much later.

The most difficult part about her being in the hospital, for me, is not understanding how seriously ill she is, it’s having her hospitalized two hours away and the cost of driving back and forth. It is a 250 mile round trip. Add to that the fact that care team meetings are during the day (her first one was at 11:00am) and that also means a lost day of work. My boss is good about giving me the time off it’s only difficult to not be able to make up the lost time. I do not work on the weekends I have the boys and this weekend, I have the boys…and they want to go visit their sister. They need to visit their sister.

Kids have wonderful imaginations. They need to see that she is okay, that she is safe, that she is still their sister, and that she still loves them. I know she has made them gifts during occupational therapy, this is a good time for her share those with them.

Say a prayer for my baby girl…her faith is weak right now, help her find the strength she needs to be the best person she can be. Thanks


2 thoughts on “My Baby is Sick

  1. Just come across your blog and couldn’t stop reading. I hope your girl stays strong. It must be such a great support for her to have you there by her side. Keep us posted on how things go, saying a prayer for her

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