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First Night

Last night was the first night for the boys to spend in the apartment. The transitions are getting easier for them as time goes on. Every visit though they both have a complete melt down on the first night…they both cry unbelievable tears for about twenty minutes.

When I finally figured out the reason behind the tears, my heart absolutely broke. Turns out that it’s a release for them…that they feel safe and secure enough to feel all the emotions they keep bottled up inside during the two previous weeks.

So, we talk about having a good cleansing cry and that some times our feelings are just too big for our bodies and so our body gets rid of them by crying. This is much more productive than them crying everytime I ask them to pick up their socks or what they want for supper.

I’ve had to restucture how we do things, to provide them with more security. They are not as independant as they once were, but we are working on it. I’ve had to tighten the envelope to provide the security they need to have the confidence to branch out again.

They are already asking to spend the summer with me, and I am looking forward to so many adventures, even if we do only have every other weekend. We are going to go camping, mini-golf, libraries, local attractions, museums…so many adventures.

Right now we are going to some rummage sales…well, I’m going to my best friend’s house to pick her up to go and am guessing the boys will want to stay there and play with her boys instead of hanging out with the mom’s (and that’s ok). That is their second home…and the dad is a wonderful male role model for them. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people on the side of my kiddos!!

P.S. Three people really CAN fit on a twin size air mattress…


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