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I am not usually a TGIF kind of person. Today though, I cannot wait until I am done at work. It is the Memorial Day weekend and I have the boys through Monday evening. After work today I will run to get them and rush back to town to get to a doctor’s appointment. I could pick them up after the appointment but they both have asked me to get them ASAP today.

I am anxious to curl up and watch a movie with them…to listen to the stories of their week, to see them, to feel them, to smell them. This has been a very difficult week for me. Being away from them gets harder and harder each week.

Boy 1 mentioned again the other day that he has every intention of spending alternating weeks with his father and I for the summer. The only issue is that his dad needs to agree to this…and I’m not sure he will. It may be a tough pill for him to swallow when he tries to figure out why his dad won’t let him spend time at mom’s. He is eight. He’s not stupid, and he doesn’t take bullshit answers…I just hope he has the courage to stand up for his needs through this as it seems as though he has a better grasp on his needs than the parent with whom those needs are to be met by full time.

This is our first visit since finding out their grandmother has cancer so we also need to open that dialogue. Nothing earth shattering, just let them know that I am aware of it and answer any questions they may have.

Another full weekend ahead. Library, shopping, menu planning, as well as our first “eating out vs X-Box” budget weekend. It could be interesting! If they make it through Sunday I will treat them on Monday out of the regular budget. I’m sure we will also go for ice cream at least once this weekend, and that won’t count towards their eating out budget…that will be Mom’s treat.  

Boy 2 has been using his dad’s phone to send me text messages the last couple of days. I will miss these as he grows older, they look like this, “Jhgsdhsgjsa. Hjwsuhsjkjasf. Adfgheweiufhniwuefiwueuhf”

To which I always reply, “Hi Boy 2.” Sometimes I replay with a similar jumbled mess of letters and sometimes with I love you. On about the sixth text last night I received, “Hi Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!” So I sent back, “Hello Boy 1.” He quickly replied, “How did you know it was me?” I said because I am just THAT smart. Well, the boys called me this morning, Boy 1 called to say he had texted me again this morning and I told him I had already replied. He checked the text messages while we were talking and said, “Oh ya Mom, it’s on now.” Boy 2 came on the phone and asked how I figured out it was he who texted last night. I told him again that I was just that smart…and it hit him…”Oooohhh I know, because I used spaces and spelled the words correctly.” Damnit…busted.

At the end of our text conversation last night I sent  “Good night and I love you Boy 1.” He was quick to reply, “And Boy 2 right?” I sent back, “Yes, I love you too Boy 2.”

So, TGIF…it’s gonna be a gooder!!


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