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All Good

I have the boys with me this week for an unknown amount of time. Their father has put their needs on the back burner (again) to take care of somebody else in a situation that was not critical for him to be the one to take care of it.

He is with his mother at the Mayo Clinic as she has some tests done regarding her cancer diagnosis. While I understand him wanting to be there, and her wanting him there, it was not necessary for it to be him. Given his situation, you would think that these people (he and her) could have figured something else out. His brother does not have kids  who live with him and has a job that is union. He can afford the time off and could likely even use FMLA. A friend of hers also went down with her…the kids’ dad is just window dressing…

The issue I have with all of this is that it leaves the boys ‘up in the air’ as far as how long he’ll be gone, what’s going on, etc. Sure they are happy to be with me, and I am THRILLED to have them. Why did he even want custody in the first place if he is just going to continue to live as if I am down the hall? Guess what…a single parent CAN’T just up and leave whenever they want.

Besides that, these kids need the security of a schedule, and a time table. He’s been refusing to even address Boy 1 when it comes to summer visitation (Boy 1 wants alternating weeks) but he can dump them for an undetermined amount of time…and then what, with no notice come back and get them? This up coming weekend is my scheduled weekend so I want the boys just to stay until Sunday evening (when they would normally go back). At first this sounded like a good plan, then last night he informs me that she may have appointments into next week.

Just give me my boys and go on with your life…I don’t care about the house…stay in the damn house…it’s all you ever wanted anyway. He’s more than proven he has no desire to parent these kids.

I’ll jump off my soap box for now…but I am far from finished…

The boys are doing wonderfully at the apartment. They are going to bed like champs and waking up and getting going without any trouble at all. During the day this week they spend it at my friend’s home as she is not working this summer and is home with her three boys (and half the neighborhood-whether they are invited or not) so heck, what’s two more rambunctious boys…I can never thank her enough!!

Boy 2 apparently ate her out of house and home yesterday…I said that’s kinda what he does…he eats…and eats…and eats.

Did you know you never realize how much you miss having a microwave…until you DON’T HAVE ONE. Even for simple things like instant oatmeal…having to boil water on the stove (no kettle either). I guess the boys and I are just practicing our ‘primitive’ living skills for our upcoming season of camping…well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, at least until I get a microwave and I can then hail all things microwavable…it’s the simple things in life!


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