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Definitely Rambling…

Got word from the ex last night that he will be gone until near the end of next week. GREAT for me and having the kids…how irresponsible for him as the custodial parent.

I sent my lawyer a note yesterday, just letting him know the situation (this was when I still thought the kids would be going home this weekend). It was only a few hours later he emailed me back…we have been served with a notice that the ex is taking me back to court to have the temporary order amended.

The order in place now orders him to pay me $500 per month in spousal maintenance. He’s not paid any of it yet. He is asking the courts to amend the order removing this part.

I am far from surprised at this latest move and definitely questioning his attorney’s timing with this one. The man has effectively abandoned the children right now for an undetermined amount of time…and he’s whining about daycare costs and having the Girl live with him…the judge should love this one.

Being that he is taking us back to court though I WILL be asking the judge to modify the custody arrangement as their father has CLEARLY demonstrated (in my opinion) a lack of capacity to parent these kids. They need stability, guidance, reassurance…not babysitters and daycare, and being pawned off on anybody but their mother. Hand ’em over sweet-pea, I’ll GLADLY take them. He has also more than demonstrated his lack of willingness to provide me with reasonable parenting time…this will not be in his favor.

I am far from getting my hopes up as I’ve yet to find anybody who can make sense of the judge’s first order awarding him temporary custody in the first place.  

Thankfully work is not busy today. I am working on my response to his motion. Not a lot of time to take care of it in the evenings this week with the boys around.

I am contemplating taking three days off work next week instead of two. Down time for me and the boys is rare with me working full time. I know parents all over the world work full time and manage to live their lives outside the office. The boys and I need more down time though…that’s a NEED, not a want. Not to mention my girlfriend caring for them at the moment probably needs the break from them (I am NOT taking the rest of the neighborhood kids away with my boys though…just my own two…she will have to figure out how to dump them other kids on her own!!)

Last night when her and I picked her middle son and Boy 1 up from Safety Camp he wanted to go to her house…he has wanted to spend the night there every day so far. I let him go play and Boy 2 and I went and did some grocery shopping then went home and made supper before picking up Boy 1. After supper (with some crabby-ass boys) it was bath time and bed time.

I cannot, in any way, thank her enough for helping me out this week. Her and her husband have gone WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND with these kids of mine. My daughter is staying there full time right now and they are holding her accountable and calling her out when she needs to be called out. She is very receptive to them, and for this I am eternally grateful.

It really does take a village to raise a child…I’m glad to be in the village I am.


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