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Time Out

That’s what we are doing tonight. After a fairly raw day emotionally, we are eating out for supper at McDonald’s. The boys are playing while I am writing. They are being kids…they are laughing, they are fighting, they are brothers.

This is what I needed tonight…not another night at home to stew on the the situation that I cannot change. Not to sit and nit-pick everything they do. They need to be kids.

We have refrained from eating out since I got them last week. I am so thankful to be teaching them about money management. I am thankful that they are receptive to the lessons…I am thankful to be able to listen to them chasing each other through the tunnels…blood curdling screams as B1 surprises B2 from under the slide…

I am thankful for time outs, and nap times, and french fries. I am thankful to my friends in the military who continue to offer to do things for B2. I am thankful for my friends who keep B1 on track…and in line. Not always an easy task when his feelings are ‘too big for his body’ and he doesn’t know how to let them out all the time in a good way. We’re working on it…really we are.

I am super thankful to have this blog as an outlet to express my own feelings so they don’t get ‘too big for my body.’ Thank you….just thank you.


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