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This kid amazes me every minute of every day…apparently when he talked to his dad on Father’s Day morning he told him that it wouldn’t be Father’s Day until he got home…here is another example of my eight year old trying to make his dad feel better. That’s not his job.

His job is to be super upset that he can’t spend the day with his dad…not trying to pacify the man he hasn’t seen in two weeks…

My friend’s husband over heard the conversation and told me how sad it was to hear him talking…he said if that would have been one of his kids he would have dropped everything and headed to see the kid who was so obviously aching.

Instead…the ex bragged on his Facebook status about how great his kid was for telling him that Father’s Day could wait…and how it brought a tear to his eye. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

HOW THE HELL is it your CHILD’S job to make YOU feel better??


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