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The Countdown

There is a court hearing one week from today. Mr. Ex has made a motion to the court to amend the current temporary order in which he is required to pay me $500 in spousal maintenance. In response to his motion, we are asking the court to dismiss his motion in its entirety and have made a motion for an emergency change of custody based on his actions since the temporary order became effective on April 1.

The choices he has made over the last month are (in my eyes) more than enough to prove that he cannot nor does he have any inclination to provide the boys with a stable, nurturing home.

I am terrified of when he gets served these papers as I fear he will (finally) have a ‘reason’ to come home and he will remove the boys from my care before the judge makes a decision. The upheaval of taking them home in an ‘angry’ state will cause so much trauma for these raw hearts.

In my opinion we are talking PTSD inducing trauma. When my five-year old is asking to talk to his psychologist, and when he hears me on the phone making an appointment he says, “Make sure you tell them it’s about my Dad” you know there are issues.

Although my ‘mommy heart’ hurts that my boy is struggling, I am so proud that he is able to ask for resources that are available to him. Yesterday and today B2 has been screaming every time he answers a question everything upsets him…from what would you like for breakfast to was it fun at story hour.

My fix for this is to give him fewer choices, close in around him…make his world safe again. He was doing so well at gaining back his independence. Suddenly he is back at square one. Although I hope it is only a minor setback I worry what will happen if they go back to dad’s house.

The week away from work I believe will be a great time for me to reboot. The boys need it right now as well. They need to know that they ARE important enough to throw the rest of the world out the window for.

Hang in there boys, Mom’s got this.

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