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I’m Sorry

I need to take this time, and space to appologize. I doubt the person who I am appologizing to will ever read this, but I have to write it…

I am sorry that I let my fear and sadness get the best of me this morning. That wasn’t fair to you. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I lashed out at you because I cannot lash out at the person I would like to.

I am feeling raw…and afraid…my boys are my life, and you know that. I also know that you have done nothing but support me through this journey and I thank you for that.

Please accept this as my appology, and know that I will try in the future to “use my words” as I always tell the boys…

…and now…I need to go have a complete breakdown as my boys just walked out the door…and took my heart and soul with them…

I’m asking for time right now…I know I’ll get through this….I just need to remember to be kind to myself…


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