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Left Shoulder B2

I pick up the boys today…it’s my weekend. The transition starts out smoothly and then Mr. Ex says, “I’m guessing when I put sunscreen on B2 the wind caused his shirt to cover his shoulders, he got a minor sunburn and he may have scratched it so there are some scabs..”

The last time I checked, second degree burns were NOT considered minor…photos have been forwarded to my attorney.


3 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. If my ex were a babysitter, I’d fire him, and his new assistant. You would fire a babysitter for this, right? Keep that line in mind as you go along with bad meals, poor tv choices, missed activities, on and on. I hope it brings you comic relief where much is needed.

    • I just can’t find the comic relief watching my baby boy suffer though an unnecessary pain…he was so sore…my poor baby boy. I would have him brought on charges if he were a babysitter in this case…the sad part though, is that I am the babysitter in this case and HE has been granted temporary custody.

      Thank you though.

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