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On the Dock

When I was a freshman in high school, my parents bought a cabin (or cottage, depending where you live). We lived at the cabin in the summer months and in the winter, we spent nearly every weekend out there.

When I spoke yesterday of being on the dock, I couldn’t help but picture that scene in my head all day. Standing on the dock, overlooking our bay. I have decided to embrace this pose/scene as far as my romantic situation in concerned. As I said, it will not be changing anytime soon, so why not just enjoy the view?

Am I temped to stick my toe in the lake? Oh yes. But I can wait. For now, I will stand on the dock…or sit…and I will feel the warmth of the sun on my face, the wind in my hair. When it rains, I will walk back up the hill and sit in the screened in porch. I can still see the lake, I can still hear the sounds, experience the smells, and stay warm and dry…it’s safe here.

While I’m on the dock, I can use this time to take care of myself…lots of bug spray and sun screen. I can learn more about what I want my future to look like, where I want to be in one year, five years, 15 years. 

While on the dock, my kids can eventually join me out here. They can see what I see. They may even be ready to jump in the water before I am. Eventually, we will all be in the water together; laughing, playing, enjoying every minute. When it rains, we will all run up the hill…slipping in the mud, and we will retreat to safety until the sun peaks out again. I’m sure there will be storms, there always is. We will weather the storms together and watch the flowers bloom when the rain is gone.

So if you need me, that’s where I’ll be. On the dock enjoying the view.

One thought on “On the Dock

  1. WOW !!!! That sounds like sheer and utter bliss. Enjoy sister!! You earned the respite. The rest of the world will still be there when you decide you are ready.
    Btw. If you hear some whopping and hollering down the way don’t worry that’s just my boys and I taking a bit of a holiday too. Life’s too short not to sit back and enjoy the view for a while. Lolol. I LOVE your analogy. You rock.

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