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Hill Climbing

No…don’t be silly, not REAL hill climbing; that would be like a mix of exercise and work…completely not my style! I’m climbing a metaphorical hill, over and over again. The same hill, the same steps. So often I have stumbled, so often I have fallen; yet I continue to climb, to try again.

My boys went back to their other home on Friday a week ago. I got them back for the weekend on Friday and we spent what seemed like a lifetime together in the past 50 hours. Saturday we soothed a sunburn and a headache all day (one ailment for each boy). We watched movies all day and went to bed early. Sunday we got up early, attended church and then experienced the first of what we hope to be MANY summer adventures. We went to the Rydell National Wildlife Refuge for “Dig into Reading” where we learned about what is under our feet. Sunday evening we went to play at the park with others from our church. 

Mr. Ex had asked me on Friday if I was interested in switching weekends as he has to be out of town on what is his scheduled weekend. I said I would just take his weekend (giving me three weekends in a row). He agreed.

Before the boys and I went to the refuge, we stopped to get my work schedule for the next two weeks. I have Wednesday and Sunday off. I asked the coworker who was working if he wanted an extra shift or two as I would then take off Tuesday and Wednesday; this would allow me to pick up the boys for another 48 hour stretch in the middle of the week. I asked Mr. Ex and he asked if I would want to just keep Sunday night as well so we didn’t have to do so much driving…we live 22 miles apart and meet in the middle…it’s a half hour out of our lives, not exactly a burden. Then I realized…he wouldn’t have to pay for daycare Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. of course he’d be up for it!

I told him I would let him know what I found out about my schedule. When I dropped the boys off tonight at our meeting point, he asked if he could drop the boys off on Thursday night for my weekend, I said it would depend if I could find daycare for Friday. He had not mentioned when he asked if I wanted to take the extra weekend that it also included an extra work day…funny how the little details so often get left until last minute with him. So he says, “Well, I can drop them off Friday but it will be early as we are flying out at 10:00am to Denver, CO.”

WAIT…what?? Where?? You can’t afford to help me with daycare when you are gone for 26 days. You are asking a judge to overturn his own ruling that you pay me alimony as you are broke, you want me to take them every extra day I can…so YOU CAN GO TO DENVER? Your children lived in extreme poverty for 26 days, you abandoned them for a month, are home for two weeks and you are giving up for first available weekend to run to DENVER?

Please…I beg…SOMEBODY please explain this to me.

I am so thankful that the judge is giving him an extra month to hang himself…I’ve become wonderful at documentation in a factual manner. It’s a talent to remove emotion when documenting dealing with an ex who cares only about the win column and nothing about the poor kids stuck in the middle.

So, this hill, although he seems to keep getting higher, I KNOW there is a peak, and that I will reach it. I know that this climb is just God’s way of building up my strength to get through the teenage years with two very active boys 🙂 I have a feeling we’ll be busy!


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