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Out of The Mouths…

So we are at the Rydell National Wildlife Refuge playing with worms yesterday and the lady talks about which end is the head and which end is the tail. All good…and B2 looks at me and points to the tail after much in depth examination of our Night Crawler, and says, “Is this where his butt and his penis is?”

I kid you not.

I’m a pretty cool mom (even if I do say so myself) So I tell him, “I dunno Bum, you’d had to ask the lady.” Which he does! This woman has an engaging conversation about worms not having penises…with my five year old! Well trained Rydell staff, well trained!!

As the conversation goes on his worm begins to poop…all over his hand and it’s cool when it is ‘waste’ but the minute it is ‘poop’ the worm is in my hand and said waste is wiped all over MY JEANS. Thank you B2, thank you very much.


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