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Out of the Mouths 2

I complete forgot about this one until I was chatting with a friend this morning. Bubba (formerly known as B1) drove to the refuge on Sunday with The Friend, her children and her father-in-law. Bum (formerly known as B2) and I followed them in our van. It’s about a 45 minute drive and I had been hoping he would pass out for a few minutes as it was going to end up being a long day.

He didn’t.

We get to the turn off, three miles to go and I get this:

Bum: Mom, you should have another baby.

Me: I should?

Bum: Ya, you should have another baby in your belly.

Me: Why? Do you want to be a big brother?

Bum: No, I want a sister.

Me: Oh, but if I have a baby, you will be the baby’s big brother.

Bum: I want to pick out the name.

Me: You do?

Bum: Ya.

Me: Oh

Bum: So can you have another baby in your belly Mom?

Me: Well, I don’t know kiddo.

Bum: Maybe when I’m six? (he will be six in November)

Me: No

Bum: After Six will I be Seven?

Me: Yes

Bum: Maybe when I’m seven. You should have a baby in your belly when I’m seven.

Me: Hey look, we’re here, are you excited?

Where does he come up with this stuff?



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