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I don’t remember playing much with Barbie dolls except at my best friend Rhonda’s house…she was an only child of two very loving parents until we were seven or eight…she had Barbie’s everything!

This morning I was talking to Sparky (yep, I named him Sparky) and mentioned that I had lost 15 lbs since moving out of the house and that divorce really looked good on me! We then started the body image discussion.

Sparky: I don’t like the Barbie Doll type of girl.

Me: Ya, but she had a nice house, a fancy car, and the best clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

Sparky: Sorry, I can’t give you that kinda stuff.

Me: Good thing I ain’t Barbie then.

Me: Don’t worry, I can buy my own ‘stuff.’ I just want you.

That Barbie’s got nothing on me. All she had was material goods and Ken…gawd…could any of you even imagine me with a Ken?? I know I couldn’t. Growing up as a princess I was never attracted to the Ken’s in my life. Although I never dated in high school, even if I had, it would never have been a Ken. Ken’s bad boy cousin…maybe…lol

But that was high school. Now, what I look for in a man is one who has a positive self image, a sense of humor, a stable job, and a willingness to love my kids as his own. A passport or the ability to get one is a necessity as well…gotta be able to cross the border, eh?!

So, while Sparky and the Princess sit on the dock enjoying the view, y’all can go be Ken and Barbie…we have better things to do!


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