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The End

So after hearing from my lawyer yesterday with some extremely disturbing news, I took it out on Sparky. As any self-respecting man should have, he dumped my ass. He took what he could until he could take no more…and I kept pushing.

I guess my heart could only take getting so close and when then it ran for the hills.

I can say that I guess it wasn’t meant to be, or it wasn’t our time, or better now than 10 years down the road…but that’s all bullshit. I fucked up, end of story.


2 thoughts on “The End

  1. I lost a few relationships and friendships during the early stages of my separation and then divorce. Our emotions overwhelm us sometimes and we lash out either intentionally or unintentionally or worse we just selfishly put our own fears, feelings, thoughts, and actions first. It’s hard as hell to take some else’s feelings into consideration when your own world feels like it’s collapsing in on itself. Let it go, give yourself time to grieve, give in to anger and fear but don’t let it consume you…scream in an empty room, and finally when you have scared yourself silly with all the darkness and vitriol that pours from you….find a good listener, or a therapist, and just talk. Don’t look to the end of the journey yet….just look to getting through the next day….and then the next.

    • Thank you. I’ve dated a couple of people since the marriage ended…none of them hurt like this when they ended. Those ones didn’t work for real reasons…this one…just because of me…and it hurts.

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