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Uh Oh

Ok…enough heavy shit for a few days…how’s this for a Saturday evening funny

Bubba has been wanting to make a list of family rules. This kid craves the structure that I worked so hard to maintain for them while I was married. He wants rules, he wants consequences.

EH’s first ex-wife called to chat with me. So I said I was going outside to talk to her and Bubba says he wants to get the list done. I help him find a piece of paper and head out of the apartment for a talk.

It’s my own fault…I shouldn’t have left them alone so long…I was only out there for ten minutes…I…I…ahhh, screw it. I did this to myself.

When I come back in, I am met with this SMUG…shit-eating-grin of a kid holding a piece of paper and his ‘mighty pen’.

WHO THE HELL taught this kid to read? WRITE?? What has the school system done to my wonderful baby??

I know it’s bad when the conversation goes like this:

Bubba: Uh, You aren’t gonna like this Mom.

Me: *Displaying a VERY false sense of authority and victory* Oh, I’m sure it will be fine. How many rules did you come up with?

Bubba: *arms across his chest which is puffed out half way across the room* Just one.

Me: Cool, what’s the consequence?

Bubba: No technology for the day.

Me: Awesome job Buddy, good thinking. What’s the rule?

Bubba: *grinning SO HARD I think his cheeks may actually crack* No Swearing

Me: Uh Oh…I’m fucked.

Bubba: Yep…strike one.

Me: *smart enough to say it inside my head this time* OH SHIT.

So there you have it…the woman who can make a sailor on leave sound like a preacher in church has been brought to her knees…by an eight year old.

I could not be any prouder at this moment than I am right now of my little man. What great lessons he has learned. What confidence he has KNOWING mom will follow the rules (once it’s taped to the wall it’s the law). A child not afraid to ask for what he needs…not afraid to negotiate, the SKILLS at age eight to negotiate…I AM SO PROUD.

So…I will take this as a victory…a victory for my children, a victory for their futures. I’m a good mom…Bubba just proved it.

I was told today to spend the rest of the weekend seeing myself through the eyes of my children who see me as solid, stable, strong, capable, and worthy of love. Thanks Bubba and Bum…when I see myself through your eyes I see awesomeness, security, love, acceptance, and a wonderful life.


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