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Ya…I know I said no more posts…but this is the most constructive place to vent when I have two young boys in the same room who cannot hear these thoughts.

This was originally not my weekend to spend with the boys. I took it as an opportunity to spend extra time with them. After agreeing to take them he informed me that it wasn’t just ‘the weekend’ he would have to drop them off on Thursday (meaning I had to pay for daycare while I worked on Friday). I didn’t even realize until yesterday that I hadn’t been given a return time for Sunday. The one time I did ask, I was told ‘some time Sunday’ he’d be back.

The boys have not heard from him all weekend. In the past, I would have made sure that they maintained contact while he was gone. As I said a while back, I’m no longer covering for him, it is HIS responsibility to maintain a relationship with his children…not mine. It is my job to encourage and facilitate a relationship, not to build and maintain the relationship.

It was actually funny that today they had plans to talk online with Sparky (he and I had talked yesterday morning about the boys calling him and then we would tell them that he was going to busy for a while…knowing that they would understand that with his job). Well…as life works out, he apparently has no internet access today so they didn’t get to hear from him. Anyway, Bum and Bubba spent the later part of their morning hanging out waiting for Sparky to come online…when it got to be the time when where we knew we wouldn’t be hearing from him today we went about our day. Although disappointed they actually both said, “He knows where to find us Mom.”

Today (Sunday) at 1521h (3:21 pm for my civilian and non-medical friends) I get a text:

Our flight back is not until 954. I thought it was earlier. I know this may b inconvenient but can I pick them up  tomorrow night unless they want to spend the week.

Are you KIDDING ME??? The man with ‘serious concerns’ about my ability to parent these boys sure has no problem when it comes to not having to pay for daycare.

So after much contemplation, and a few colorful phone calls (I would go outside to talk) I returned a text, “Are you paying for daycare?” I haven’t heard back yet.



3 thoughts on “Vent

  1. Oh girlfriend !! Hang in there !! And this is the safest place I’ve found to vent. (Especially considering I. Made a. Point of maintaining my annonimity. )
    Can I just say, and forgive me if I’ve overstepped my boundaries, but IMHO it would seem EH has played you like a fiddle.
    What is the one thing as a parent we feel most insecure about? IMO. Being a ‘good’ parent. By placing you on the defensive, EH has you right where he needs you to be… At his beckon call.(not for him but for the one thing we as mothers would do anything for … The best interest of our beloved little children.)
    By dancing to his tune are you giving up your power and enabling him ?
    I have no idea. I do know your boys are very lucky to have you as a Mom. :).
    You both deserve to loved, regarded, respected, and to be happy. !!!

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