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Bug Part One: The Overview

My daughter is once again severely unstable. My heart is hurting, my mind is racing. Once again I am doing my best to not interfere as it would only lead to turmoil.

There is only so much you can do for one who refuses to do anything for herself. As an adult I can talk to her psychologist, and give her information yet cannot receive any regarding her care. This is hardly relevant though as she has not been seeing her shrink for nearly a month at this point.

She is couch surfing, jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend and madly in love with everyone of them. This goes beyond the typical ‘boy-crazy-teenager” phase. This morning her Facebook relationship status is updated to engaged. My heart aches. She has known this kid for only a few weeks.

Although her and I had a fairly good week last week, it fell apart in a matter of seconds on Sunday night.

I am struggling to sit on my hands and watch the train wreck that she is making of her life, yet I understand that she cannot learn from my mistakes, she must learn from her own.

All I can do is pray, and document. If the spiral continues at this alarming rate I will take steps to have her declared a vulnerable adult and she will have no option but to listen to the courts. If this means having her institutionalized, then so be it.


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