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The hardest job a parent has is being consistant. Tonight I am doing what needs to be done. It is tearing at every fiber of my heart. It has nearly crippled me into submission. For the sake of my child I cannot stop now.

My daughter showed up on my doorstep last night saying she needed to stay here for a couple hours…she fed me a bullshit story. I didn’t buy her story, but wanted to see where it went.

Of course she was still here when I got up this morning. I had slept in and told her several times as I was getting dressed to move it; no way in hell was she staying here while I was at work. As I was already late, and she was moving slower than molasses in December I yelled at her to move her ass. She yelled back. I said, “Oh no, little girl, this is my house, my rules and I have to go, move your damn ass and let’s go.”

When she was finished work she sent me a text: I’m done. I ignored it. She then called twice. I didn’t pick up the phone. She was expecting things to return to what she left last week when I would pick her up after work. Not happening sweet pea. She walked over here and I let her knock on the door a few times before answering.

As I was not ready to confront her at that time I let it go. She went into the bedroom without saying a word to me. I went back to watching TV and fell sleep (I’m a bachelorette, it’s what I do).

I rested and woke up ready to take on the world…and my daughter.

I went in to the bedroom and asked when she was leaving. She simply replied that she wasn’t sure. I told her to get her ass out of bed and to get out here in to the living room.

I quizzed her on what her plan was. I told her she was not welcome to stay here, “You cannot call me a c*nt on Facebook on Sunday and expect to just come in and eat my food and stay at my house on Wednesday.” Of course, she rolled her eyes at me…helping to strengthen my resolve.

I said she can spend tonight but that she was to be gone tomorrow after work and to not bother expecting me to pick her up after work as I am not her taxi service. I also let her know that she was to be ready to leave the apartment by 6:45 am tomorrow morning.

She has burned this bridge and without even trying to repair it she figured she could merely take the long way around. I don’t work like that. Not today, not ever.

I have enough on my plate right now, I certainly do not need this.

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