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Tough Love

Today was intervention day for Bug. I am fortunate in the fact that she is not destroying her life on alcohol or illegal drugs. The tough love to get a young adult through the difficult phase of typical 18 year old rebellion exacerbated by mental illness is exhausting/rewarding.

She will be staying at my apartment at least during the work week. I have made it extremely clear that she is the one who has to do the work, all I can do is guide her and hold her accountable. For the most part, I am one of the very few people who can do this.

I have also made it clear that until she shows progress she will be on an extremely short leash for her own well being. Although she acknowledged understanding of this concept, I understand that until she actually has to face the music she won’t get it. I also understand that the first few times are not going to be easy on either of us.

She has a ton of work ahead of her. Because of the work she has to do, this also means I have my work cut out for me. It will take a huge commitment on my part to make this work.

I told her that every day we will be spending time going over behavior work and life style changes. I know it’s not going to be easy on her. I have reached out to our Pastor to help find a female mentor with the church to help her find her center again. I cannot do this all on my own.

After reading what I’ve written I need to clarify that that I am nowhere near as confident in my abilities as this post makes me sound. I am very aware that I am fighting an up hill battle and that she may slip…I need to set my own boundaries (which I’ve done extremely well with).

Wish me luck, say a prayer for my girl…I’m her last chance right now.


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