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Cautiously Optomistic

That’s how I’m feeling, cautiously optimistic. Last night there was one little scuffle of words between Bug and I but all-in-all she’s been showing improvement.

After our argument she went out. I thought she just went out to have a cigarette but when I went to get something out of my vehicle she was not there. I sent her a text reminding her that she needed to be in by 2121h (9:21pm). The early curfew was a result of her being late on Monday night.

As she left the apartment angry I wasn’t sure if she would return or not. I guess the good thing about me being the last place she can stay is that she almost has to come home eventually.

At exactly 9:21 pm my baby girl walked in the door. I thanked her for being on time to acknowledge that she made the right decision and give positive reinforcement.

We had talked earlier about her needing to take responsibility for getting herself up in the morning and being ready when it was time to leave the apartment.

This morning she was up and ready on time. What a turn around to the start of my day. I thanked her for being respectful towards my needs in this regard.

So, a good way to start our day, a positive start to the weekend. I am aware that this can change without notice and am prepared for that. I also know that she appears to be trying and is showing progress and I am hopeful.

Deep down she’s a good kid. She just needs the appropriate supports and positive reinforcements…we’ll get there. It’s just gonna take some time.


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