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When it comes to returning to work after a relaxing weekend, I have it pretty good. Monday’s start out very slow. I have time to sit at my desk, have a couple (or ten) cups of coffee, check my email, and get read for the rest of the day. When the rush hits at about 10:00am it is non-stop for the rest of the day

This weekend was extremely wonderful for me. Saturday morning I got out of bed, made coffee…went back to bed. That’s where everybody belongs on Saturday. The boys were not with me so I was in no rush to go anywhere or do anything. I did leave the house at some point…I just don’t remember what for or where we even went. What I do know for certain is that my daughter and I returned home and took a nap. Some days just don’t get any better than that!

Unfortunately, that meant neither one of us slept very good Saturday night. I think it was about 4:30am when she came and asked me, “I’m guessing we are going to the 11:00 church instead of the 9:30 church?”

I told her I was still hoping to go to the early service because I had tentative plans with Bum to go to an event at the wildlife refuge. Turns out we were both awake on time for church.

After church I called Bum and he had decided he didn’t want to go to the refuge, apparently he was ‘in a mood’ as Bubba calls it. That’s ok, that works as well. Instead, I spent the rest of my day having the time of my life with The Friend.

Her and I haven’t had much time at all for just the two of us in a long while. We stopped to eat (we always do when we are out together), then shopping, and then bingo. Sometimes life doesn’t get any better than that. We even won at bingo. We didn’t win enough to break even, but that wasn’t the point…we went to have fun; mission accomplished!

I don’t think either of us actually bought anything for ourselves, I bought the boys each a cute t-shirt; we can’t be the only mom’s that go for a girl’s day out and end up getting things for everybody but ourselves…can we?


Update on Bug:

Everything is still going well. She shows signs of steady improvement and this week we are going to approach the subject of mending bridges. She’s burned quite a few of them, and it’s not going to be easy. She needs to understand the hurt she has done and that she needs to ease into healing the wounds instead of jumping in and thinking everything will be alright.

Her first paycheck was swallowed up pretty fast (as I had predicted). Funny to watch a kid with that much money for the first time.


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