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Forward March

Nothing like a little drama in ones’ life to pass the time. Thursday afternoon right before the end of my shift my cell phone rang and it was EH’s number.

Me: Hello?

Bubba (obviously upset): Hi Mom.

M: hey kid, ‘sup?

B: Well, Iwantedtocometoyourhousebutit’snotyourweekendand…then the tears started…

M: Woah kiddo, slow down. I can hear you are upset, what’s going on.

~a few more incoherent ramblings~

The gist of it was, he wanted to come to my place this weekend because he and Bum can play 2-player Minecraft at my house and don’t have that capability at dad’s, dad told him it wasn’t my weekend so he didn’t think they would be allowed…jackass…of course they are ALLOWED…

HAHA…one for Team Mom!! LOL So I took the win…and doubled it….

I told him that because I didn’t work Friday I would pick them up after I finished work on Thursday and keep them for two nights and take them back home on Saturday before I started work at 3pm. What I didn’t tell him until we were already back in town was that Thursday was Miracle Treat day at Dairy Queen and we were going for treats! (that’s 2 for Mom IN ONE DAY) I’m on a roll!

DQ, 2-player Minecraft, a visit to The Friend’s house to see that family for an hour or so before bedtime…I AM A SUPER HERO!


I must say I am extremely pleased with these boys. They are as resilient as everybody told me they would be. I had an appointment with my psychologist on Friday and they boys joined me. Bubba is obviously getting closer and closer to saying what is on his mind to his father. The shrink knows it, I know it, Bubba knows it. Dad is utterly and completely blind when it comes to the feelings and needs of these kids and it won’t be long until they have their say.

My friends are wonderful in supporting me through everything…I couldn’t do this without you…any of you. Thank you.


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