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Oh That Kid…

This last weekend I had the boys and we had a choice of three things that we had the option of doing: Mini golf, Bowling, going to watch a movie.

Of course Bubba and Bum couldn’t decide. Bum wanted mini golf and Bubba wanted bowling. Of course this turned into a meeting of the minds…tears and all. I am trying to teach them negotiation skills with real life experiences. When both have their heels dug in it is a little less than effective.

Finally I told them that they either had to come up with a plan or I was going to pick for them and it would be option three (the movie…which I was ok with because it was the one I wanted to do anyway). I told them to both retreat for a bit (as we had time before they needed to make a decision anyway).

Bubba looked at me and said, “Mom, so if we can’t choose together we go on the third one, so if I say I want to go to the movie and Bum says mini golf, does that mean we go bowling?”

DAMN…he’s good!! He had no interest in a movie…but he knew he wasn’t going to change Bum’s mind. What a kid…yep; they are going to be okay. I’ve done good.

We ended up doing both activities; one on Saturday and one on Sunday afternoon. I have the greatest boys…I really do (but I still want to go see Planes).

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