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When You Just Know…

There is no doubt in my mind that I am doing everything that is right for my boys. On a regular basis I see signs that I am the most amazing mom I can be for them and that I am exactly everything I can be for them.

Bubba is in love with the game Minecraft. I don’t get it…but I will watch and listen when he is explaining his latest plan or building…or which villagers he killed and what is in his chest…I dunno; it’s all Greek to me!

Last week he was playing (alone as Bum was busy with something else for once) and he was in creative mode (you can play creative or survival mode). He then asks me if I can guess what his latest structure is. I tried…I really did. He was so proud of it…and to me it looked like a pile of Lego…I know, bad mom…

“Mom…it’s a church! Here are the seats, and here is where Pastor Jeff stands. This is the Bible and today he is reading Matthew verse 20-22.”

On the same ‘world’ he also created a grave site for Jesus…flowers and all.

Yep, sometimes you just know when you’ve done good…


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