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Almost There

Last week when I wrote Creating Calm I talked about my budget and how I’d LIKE to see it work out. I am happy to report that so far, so good.

My paycheck on Friday was less than a full paycheck again (I forgot I had taken time off to go to Fargo for my speech the week previous). It’s ok though. Like I said, I have made my budget to work with a 66 hour pay period so anything over and above just decreases the time it will take to reach my goals.

First goal…new tires. I am so close to having enough that I finally priced them out. The best value was at a local dealership and the price is $428.12 plus taxes. Is it strange that I have EXACTLY $328 in the tire account at the moment? I think so. With buying four tires there is also a $60 rebate as well. Instead of using that as an incentive to buy the tires, I am going to put that towards birthday and Christmas shopping. The boys both have birthdays in the month before Christmas so it can get expensive.

Anyway, my budget has already paid off (in my eyes). I am much more relaxed about that aspect of my future. Just taking the time to plan and the effort to follow through really isn’t much at all. Once the initial plan was set up now all I have to do is fill in the blanks every two weeks.

My budget is probably a little more detailed than some people’s is but this way I can see where my money really goes. The tweaks I had to make last week were so minimal. I realized I hadn’t allowed myself to have any ‘guilt free’ money at all. I think that was just asking for disaster. So I added that line into my budget and will see where that take me. It’s not a whole lot, just enough for little things; for example, I gave the boys $5.00 for the vending machines when they came to see me at work on Sunday afternoon. I had to tweak a few other places too just to make room for this added expense, but nothing major. I can already see that making the budget based on the lesser paycheck was well worth the effort. My goals are being fulfilled faster than anticipated and that in itself is very rewarding.

This also gives me something to focus on that is positive. I am doing ok, I will make it, I am smart enough, I am good enough…not thoughts that readily flow through my head on a bad day.

For fun, I’ve added a poll. My first time trying that so I hope it works!!


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