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Kids are Funny

Here are just a few things the boys have said to me recently that have to be shared:

1. After singing “You are my Sunshine” to Bum he looks up at me (he was curled up on my lap) and he says, “Mom, did you just make that up in your head?”

~Note to self: Sing to my kids more nursery rhymes and less Luke Bryan

2. Talking to Bubba on the phone while walking through Wal*Mart and he asks me if it’s storming here. I tell him it’s not and ask if it is at his house. “Oh HELL YES”

~Note to self: Laughing out loud in the Tru Moo* section makes people back away slowly.

*Tru Moo is a registered trademark of Dean Foods.

These boys are doing fine. They know what is good and right and what makes them happy. They both start school on Tuesday and are excited.


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