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The boys and I went to the library yesterday. It was a beautiful day for a bike ride so off we go. It’s about 15 blocks one way, not too long for Bum (or myself). We had a great time at the library and spent about an hour there.

We have to cross two very busy streets on our trip. On the way back I decide to teach them they need to walk their bikes across the street…my first mistake. As we cross the street I go to mount the bicycle and my foot slips…to my knee I fall. The road rash isn’t so bad. I can handle this. It’s only my ego that hurts.

~note to self…somebody else can teach my kids bike safety~

We take the back way home in hopes that nobody sees me and my fresh injury. Once back to the apartment parking lot Bum decides to cut me off. Our tires get wonky and in an effort to save him from falling I go down ON THE SAME KNEE except I also end up with the other knee, the knuckle on one thumb and the palm of the other hand. He watched me go down and I could see the panic in his eyes. I did what every good parent would do; I got up, told him I was fine and said, “Mom’s fine, let’s just get inside and get this blood cleaned up.” On the outside. On the inside I was not only crying like a sissy girl, I was SCREAMING obscenities. WOW it hurt.  

~note to self: HOLY SHIT you’ve come a long way~

I come inside, Instruct Bug to fix them lunch and proceed to cleaning my wound which now has blood covering the bottom half of my leg and looks like somebody pulled me out of a wood chipper (okay maybe not THAT bad…but close).

Fortunately I have such helpful boys. I have raised compassionate, eager to serve children. After dealing with the initial pain with a cold dish cloth and freeze pops, I know I have to rinse it off. I go to the bathroom, stick my leg in the bath and turn on the water. Bum, ever helpful, walks in, sees me pouring water over it…AND RUBS THE DIRT OFF. Yep, he did! How I didn’t die, swear, or kick his butt I still don’t know. “Thanks Bum, I’ll get this” was all I said. He was only trying to help.

I spent the rest of the day with my leg elevated, with a wet paper towel on it and freeze pops keeping it cool. I didn’t even have any pain reliever for the agony. THANK GOD these boys got their x-box because I needed it to babysit for me.

I did manage to make supper and do one load of laundry, but no more than that.

Today I went to the grocery store to buy the fixings to make Beef Stroganoff for supper. Bubba had requested it Friday and I offered to make it Saturday and take it to The Friend and The Milk Man’ house for supper (he’s been whining for it for months). ANYWAY…cancelled that last night and am on it today.

While at the store, I splurged on myself. Don’t laugh…I spent $8.31 on first aid supplies so I could wrap my leg. As I took money from the Emergency Fund envelope I said to Bug, “And this is why I keep and emergency fund, so I have money for unforeseen expenses such as first aid supplies.”

I wrapped it up and although still a 5 or 6 on a scale of 1 – 10 for pain, it’s doing well. No early signs of infection and the dressing will be changed tomorrow before I go to work. Depending on how it feels I may be able to keep it uncovered, we’ll see.

I showed The Friend my injury this morning and she laughed, “The worst part is you don’t even have a good story to go with it.” Yep…that’s me. Super dork!! LOL

~note to self: only spit in HER part of supper~


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