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First Day of School


Both boys returned to school today. This is Bum peeking behind the sign his teacher made.

We met their dad at school and immediately both boys moods changed. Bum is struggling. He asked me all weekend if he could not return to dad’s. He wants to be with me. I told him that we have to follow the judges rules but he is free to share his thoughts with his dad and to talk with the school councilor who will be meeting with him this week. He’s met with her before with Bubba so he will be comfortable with her.

As soon as their dad left (about five minutes after we got there) both boys were once again open and happy. Bum had refused to take any pictures, refused to help put his supplies away, anything. Dad was barely out the door when he said, “C’mon Mom, we have to take my picture with the flag to send it to my friend.” His job for the first day of school was to hold the flag while the class said the Pledge of Allegiance. He was so proud of his job. This little boy loves his country…

Bubba wanted me to stay with him and I stayed until about 10:30. Unfortunately I had to leave though because my leg was killing me. I had unwrapped it last night to let it get some air; when I took at look to see why it hurt wile I was at the school I could see it starting to get red…oh crap…early signs of infection.

I think Bubba will be fine. He had trouble sleeping last night which was anxiety related. Once a routine is developed for them his anxiety should subside. Bum, on the other hand, I am a little more worried about. Bubba will at least talk to the councilor honestly about his feelings. I don’t know if Bum is there yet.

Lord, I pray for the best possible outcome for my boys.  I pray for the strength to not allow the stress to consume me while I make final preparations and wait for the final decision. Amen


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