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Who am I?

Well, I’m definitely NOT 24601 (bonus points if you know that one).

Have you ever sat yourself down and wondered, seriously, about your purpose, your goals, your dreams? I’ve never written a daily prompt before but this one struck a nerve. The simple phrase I am a rock has sent my brain into a whirlwind of dreams, hopes, desires, goals.

I am a mom who wishes for the best for my children. I am as consistent as one person can be when it comes to discipline and guidance. My love for them is never ending, always growing. I am their soft place to land when they need to fall down and I am their rock.

I am a daughter who has parents who made mistakes, a lot of them, and I forgive those that need forgiving and a laugh at those that are just part of raising seven children. I am a product of their effort. I was the first of the seven children to move out of the town we were all born and raised in. I have been through some medically and emotionally trying times over the last fourteen years since leaving the nest. I am stronger than I understand because they built me strong as a rock.

I am a sister who has seen her siblings deal with marriage, divorce, healthy children, disabled children, mental health issues and addictions. They all know they can turn to me and I will do everything in my power to support their good choices and am honest enough to tell them when they are making bad choices. I am their rock.

I am a friend who listens when I need to listen, who talks when something needs to be said, who will go shopping even though I have absolutely nothing to buy. I will support their parenting, enjoy their children and love them as my own. I choose to surround myself with a very small group of friends with whom I am extremely close. We are rocks for each other.

I am a girlfriend to a man who thinks I’m nuts and isn’t afraid to say it. Nobody knows what the future holds, I just know that when the day is done and I have been a rock for everybody else, he is mine and I am his.

Daily Prompt: I Am a Rock.


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