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Ain’t Got No Time for That.

Ok, this whole ‘Daily Prompt’ thing word press does, I kind of wished I’d paid a little more attention to it when I started blogging. They throw out some neat ideas and definitely some thought provoking ones for sure.

When I look back on my life, my first thought is that I have absolutely no regrets. I dig, I really do, trying to find something I regret, and I just can’t find any situation that doesn’t hold some positive aspect. Let me see…

1. I got married and am now nearing the end of a miserably nasty divorce with a man it seems I may have never known, or at the very least chose to not see the real him. That seems pretty regretful.

  • How could I even think about regretting the fact that because of marrying that man, I worked for a company that I had dreamed about all through high school (Arctic Cat). When I moved to Minnesota I began working there within two weeks and LOVED it. I worked the snowmobile assembly line my first production season and then moved into welding where I ran a robot. Would not have had that opportunity if I hadn’t married the ex.
  • I gave birth to Bubba and Bum and they are the people they have become because of his and my DNA. They are super awesome…can’t regret that.
  • This time around has taught me how strong I am. I could not have dealt with half of what I am being put through now, four years ago.
  • I am confident that this is the best choice (getting divorced) for everybody involved. I may have not been so confident had I not allowed him to come back and prove that he is exactly what he is.

2. When the ex filed for divorce four years ago I let him come back. For the longest time I said that it was the only regret I ever had in my entire life.

  • Within a year of him moving back in, we had taken custody of his son’s daughter (neither of her parents was fit to raise her). We became licensed foster parents and cared for that little girl for 13 months. I can’t regret loving that little girl with all my heart and soul, teaching her to walk, and talk, and hold her bottle…watching the boys interact with her.
  • Having her taught me to look at situations from other people’s perspectives. This tool has significantly changed how I view situations and other people. It is much easier to not be negative when you realize you are all in it for the same reason, just with a different view.

Just these two examples of what most people would perceive as regretful have made me who I am. They have taught me lessons I could not learn any other way. To regret these things is to regret the person I am today and I’m sorry but, I’m AWESOME…what’s not to love!! (I expect The Friend, The Milk Man, and The Boyfriend are all rolling their eyes and laughing…they know it’s true though)…hope y’all choke.



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