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Are You Kidding Me?

I just asked the boss if we were signing up enough guests for our loyalty program to meet the quota set by our hotel brand. He said we are signing up enough people but what we really need is good reviews. He asked if I had been checking our guest feedback scores from survey’s and I said I hadn’t had access to that information since January when I was demoted.

He pulled up the site with our guest feedback and it is TERRIBLE. I am embarrassed to even associate myself as working here. We had a small ‘increase’ in scores through the summer months, but a tiny increase from crap…is still crap.

So he tells me that I need to talk to “my buddies” and get them to send us positive reviews. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You treat me like crap, you complain that I am “too personal” with the guests, you try to put the blame on me for things you either don’t know how to do or just plain refuse to do, you couldn’t care any less than you already do about the people who stay here and you want me to do the same, yet you want me to ask these people to send us positive reviews based on my friendship with them? I don’t think so.

When you have a company that stays with you four nights a week for months at a time, you get to know them. People who were guests become friends. I don’t use my friends; I’m not made that way.

If you want people to leave positive feedback, give them a reason to do so. Looking through the feedback, the complaints are consistent. Instead of sending back sugar-coated, form letters of apology that mean nothing to you, try getting to know your guests and their needs and then work on meeting those needs EVERY TIME. Be present for your guests, be visible. Take pride in your position as manager. Don’t hide behind your ‘partners’ who aren’t here. Make decisions, be proactive, care.

Our guests expect a manager who cares. One guest (who I couldn’t help last night due to my limitations as an associate) was giving me a hard time this morning. He said all we ever used to do was call the Princess and you always took care of us…of everybody. I explained that I no longer had that authority and that it was out of my hands. I explained that although I didn’t have to like it I am expected to conform to it.

There is a new hotel being built right next door. As it gets closer and closer to completion regulars are asking more and more if I am moving over there when it opens. I said I would consider it as an option if it presents itself and overwhelmingly I am told that if I go, they go. That’s a nice shot in the arm. I know they love me, I know they appreciated when I went above and beyond, I know it’s the little things that matter.



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