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No Matter What

There is no way I believe I am strong enough to get through this next week and beyond. Court is on Tuesday and it is the trial phase of the divorce. Most cases don’t get this far because people agree on the terms and a judge rubber stamps their agreement. We haven’t agreed on anything. Not on custody, visitation, bills, debt, vacation schedules, NOTHING.

I have asked several times for the judge to order a custody investigator to determine the best interests of the boys. Without agreement of BOTH parties to pay for the services out of pocket, the court cannot order it. Of course the ex will not agree to this so we are left to the judges ‘best guess’ as far as what the boys need.

No matter what the judge decides, I am determined to live my best life, to be an example for them.

Lord, grant me patience as I wait for the judge’s ruling. Remind me to take care of myself and give me the strength to reach out when I need help. Please keep a watchful eye on The Boyfriend as he serves his country and keep him safe.


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