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Panic Monday

Welcome to Monday. I know the only hope I have of getting through this week in one piece is with my head buried in my bible and my heart locked away in a cupboard.

In the afternoon Sunday we laid down to watch a movie and I was pretending to sleep hoping that Bum would take a nap. My eyes were closed and I was laying on my stomach; he climbed on top of me, hugged me tight and kissed my lips and whispered, “I love you so much Mom.” Then he just laid on top of me and watched the movie like that.

Yesterday while the boys were in the bedroom not quite killing each other I sat on my kitchen floor with our trusty dry erase board and wrote some things that I can do to stay busy this week. When they came out (one of them was near tears and they can only wrestle if nobody ends up crying) Bum asked me to read me what I was writing about. When I explained to him it was ideas to keep me busy until they come back to my place he said, “That’s a good idea Mom, can you make a list for me to do before I come back too?” He was distracted by something else and we never made a list for him, but I will call him tonight to check on him.

I am still not sleeping, which is ok because the boyfriend is 9.5 hours ahead of me so he calls on his lunch break. I know, it’s not okay that I’m not sleeping, but it is nice to have somebody to talk to in the middle of the night. Not sure the Milk Man and the Lunch Lady (The Friend thought it was a good idea to get herself a job, so she is now the Lunch Lady) would appreciate that 2am phone call!

Miss Bug has decided that medication is no longer the way to go as far as her mental health is concerned…it’s gotten quite ‘ugly’ and is literally the last thing I need to deal with right now. I am even considering a restraining order if her threats/behavior continue.


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