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What a Day

I’m not sure if I’ve posted much about my experience with wildland fire fighting. Well…I’ll catch you up another day. Today I am MUCH TOO SORE.

I spent all day today at fire school. After completing the course work online, the students spent all day today learning five stations in the morning and then spend the afternoon running a fire scenario.

I became the Squad Leader for Squad 3 (they asked for volunteers and I couldn’t get my hand up high enough of fast enough). I thought of tackling the guy with the radios, but turns out the other four people in my group had no desire to take the lead and I was ACHING for the experience…I BLEW IT OUT OF THE WATER!! The instructors were SUPER impressed with my skills.

I have ZERO fire line experience…all the ‘real’ fire work I’ve done has been in logistics. I told the Crew Boss (the supervisor of all the squad bosses) while we were cutting fire line,”Um, Jake…I don’t belong here, I’m a princess” He giggled as I continued to swing my Pulaski.

Sitting back in the classroom after our ‘fire’ one of the cadre came over and said, “Um…can I tell you something? None of us believe that you are really a Princess, you kicked ass out there way too much to be a Princess.” I told him I had references…BAHAHAHA…I tried to tell him that SERIOUSLY…I AM a princess…my hard hat was SUPPOSED to have a tiara!!

I don’t remember the last time I had that kind of fun. I worked my ASS off. I knew three members of the cadre from when they worked in my area last fall. They were all so happy to see me. They had started encouraging me to get involved in the fire world from the first week they met me last year…over the course of the next 10 months it became clear it wouldn’t happen due to life circumstances. A month ago this class came available and I was approached by a crew boss from last year who got me signed up for the class.

This was EXACTLY the best way to spend my Saturday.

Unfortunately this meant I haven’t been able to see or talk to the Boyfriend for more than 24 hours and I miss him. Times like this I wish I could just pick up the phone and call him, tell him how great my day was, how proud I am of myself, how energized I am…how great I feel…right now, I miss him so much.

Instead…I wrote him several emails that seem like nothing more than a jumbled mess of adrenaline fueled words that don’t even make sense to me…but I had to connect with him and sometimes that’s the only option we have. Now, as he’s reading this he’s wondering WTF he’s gotten himself into…Then I write a blog post that is so scrambled that it hardly makes sense to me, I can’t imagine how it reads to those who don’t know the back story of my “fire life” and I will try to cover in the next little while.

After a week that absolutely drained every ounce of emotional energy I had, I completely kicked ass physically today. I am sore…every muscle in my body is screaming…and they are happy.  I forgot how much I LOVE demanding work; physically and emotionally draining work is where I excel.

P.S. I am leaving this post completely unedited and not even reading it before I post it…sometimes people just need to hear how fast my brain works…



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