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Right now I seem to have a million irons in the fire. I did my Wildland Fire fighter class, I handed in my resignation at work, I applied for three jobs and just got the call today to set up the third interview. I am impressed (but not really surprised) that all three applications have made it to the interview stage. I just had to put myself out there. Not to mention the ongoing divorce process as well as being a mom.

My first interview this morning was for a brand new hotel that is under construction. The interviewer was a little bit concerned that I had already put in my two weeks notice at work and they wouldn’t be looking at actually putting somebody on the floor until the first week of December. I told him that I was aware of that and that it was not an issue. I told him I plan to take some time volunteering at the boys’ school and possibly working part time along with already volunteering at the church.

My second interview will be tomorrow at 3:15pm and the only reason I applied at that one was to have a fall back if things got hairy here or if I really needed to be working.

The third interview of the week will be for the part time position at the church as an administrative assistant. I am excited for this interview and hope I have a good shot at being offered that position.

Of the three positions, the hotel and the church are the ones I am mostly interested in. While they are two very different positions they both have the potential for growth and change and reaching people.

The hotel job would be extremely driven (especially if I go management as opposed to staff). Although it would bring me many of the same challenges I had at my current position I believe I would have the tools and opportunities to meet those challenges effectively. I would make that a condition of my employment. A defined chain of command and a comprehensive policy and procedures manual. Another challenge with the new property would be the effort and hours that go into getting a new place up and running as far as operations and sales. Hiring an effective staff and getting the training in can be very time consuming. Once the staff is trained and operational, there comes a time when it can almost run itself. This was great when I was manager here as it allowed me to have a staff that I could count on so I could be home more in the summer with the kids.

I explained to the interviewer today that when I did my hiring, I always let them know that I was essentially searching for my replacement as I knew I wouldn’t be here forever.

The church position would allow flexibility right from day one as it is only 20 hours per week. I believe though that with the current rate of growth that will increase at least a little bit fairly quickly.

I am going to finish my fire certification as well just because I started it. That may lead to work later on as far as logistics with a fire crew or even dispatching. That I can do well into retirement and the ongoing training will keep me engaged.

So, many irons in the fire, and these are only the ones that are employment focused. There is also the divorce, parenting, dating, social life, and volunteering…it keeps me busy and fulfilled.


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