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Icky Moods

There are so few things that throw me for a loop. Almost always I can find the silver lining on every dark cloud. Rarely does the negative or the challenging knock me on my butt. Today I feel like I am knocked down flat. I am starting to question so many things. With so many changes happening at once it is easy to get caught up in the uncertainty of it all; I just took my boys back to their other house, this is by far the hardest thing I do…and I do it every other week.

As of Thursday I will be unemployed, I have one definite job offer, one preliminary offer, and an interview on Monday…I should not be panicking, I’ll be fine. I planned everything down to the last detail, I know exactly how long I can be off work and not worry. I also know that I can take the definite offer at any time.

I know that The Boyfriend is safer where he is than he would be at home, but he’s still gone…it would be so much easier to think of him just sitting on a beach in Mexico…lol…damn Mexico…I can’t wait for Mexico.

So today, I’m sitting here, feeling sorry for myself. It will pass, it always does. I’m gonna make myself some shells and cheese for a late lunch/early supper, put the rest of the laundry away that the boys helped me wash this weekend, I will finish filling out the interview questionnaire for tomorrow’s interview, and I will go to bed early in preparation for a very busy week. At least one interview, a full work week, bowling, my final day at my job, and some more job hunting. I want to make sure I don’t pass up any opportunities that may be available right now.

I can’t decide if I want to sleep in the living room or the bedroom tonight…both have their pros and cons…it’s not like I’ll be sleeping anyway. When I am in ‘this’ mood sleep is usually fleeting at best. I’ll do the work that needs to be done to get through this; I always do. Some days are just harder than others.

Damn I miss my boys…

4 thoughts on “Icky Moods

  1. Yes, UW, some days most certainly are. I thank God they pass, and that I know beforehand that they will. Hang in there and all the best to you, especially this upcoming week.

  2. Somedays I have to take it hour by hour…you keep yourself very busy that’s impressive!
    I am also impressed with the amount of job interviews you have had in such little time. I have been actively sending out dozens of resumes with years of experience and two degrees and have only had 3 interviews…I need to movie to your area !
    Love and Prayers,

    • Thank you, the recession missed this area completely, it is definitely a sellers market here. Of the three interviews, one of them is McDonald’s…and almost anybody can get hired there. I decided to apply there as a fall back…just in case the other two either don’t work out or if I just need to pass the time while waiting for something more fitting to come along.
      The prayers are always welcome…I don’t feel like I’m doing anything out of the ordinary but I also know that I am extremely gifted with my ability to look past the ‘right now’ of most situations.

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