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I have had three interviews in six days. Today was the interview for the administrative assistant at the church I attend. It is a part time position that will be the most challenging and (in my opinion) the most fulfilling.

Somebody told me today that they hope I get the job I want. I responded that I will get the one I am meant to get. Of that I am sure. God doesn’t make mistakes.

I have no idea how many times today I heard, “This place is really going to miss you.” It is nice to know I will be missed by my coworkers and the guests. I even became teary eyed when I checked in two of my favorite Natural Resources workers. They have been great support and are wonderful men. I will miss them deeply. I will see them Thursday morning when they check out and then maybe never again…that’s sad.

Tonight I got a text from a coworker who bought an ice cream cake to celebrate my final week…he knew one of the maids is bringing cupcakes on Thursday and said he didn’t want to show anybody up…how awesome is that? So for supper tonight before my job interview I went back to work and had ice cream cake, on Thursday I will have cupcakes. It is touching to be cared about.

I am loved, I am appreciated, I am going to be missed. Thanks everybody.


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