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It takes a man to be a dad
To kids that just aren’t his
And only he will understand
Just how hard it is.

He’ll never get the credit
For their smile and good looks
He’ll only hear the snide remarks
For not parenting by the book.

He loves these kids, though not his own
As well as he knows how
He learns his role on the fly
…and sometimes has a cow.

He will learn to throw a football
And positions on the ice.
He’ll even go to movie nights
With teens sometimes less than nice.

He learns the latest fashion trends
And hates them just the same.
But is the proudest in the stands
At every high school game.

The summers were spent by the lake
Winters on a sled
He even knows to tell your friends
That your favorite color is red…
Another brain puke. Although it obviously turned towards my step dad, there were other men in my life who also stepped up to the plate as I was growing up including my birth father’s brothers.

One of his brothers passed away this week and I am so thankful that he welcomed me into his home when we were in town visiting. His children are a year younger and a year older than I and my closest cousins in age on that side of the family. There were many sleep overs at there home.

Although I got the short end of the stick as far as biological fathers go, I got some bad-ass uncles who rule the world.

Rest in peace Uncle Jim. Thank you.


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