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Out of the Mouths…B2

Just a couple things that have recently come out of B2’s mouth lately that nearly kill me. He is so funny.

Watching the Spongebob Squarepants Christmas Special last night Squidward (who was disguised as Santa) told Spongebob, “I didn’t bring Christmas to Bikini Bottom Spongebob, you did.”

Boy 2 who was nestled quite peacefully and pleasantly in my lap bolts up, “No he didn’t, God did you IDIOTS!!!”

Well…can’t hardly argue the logic…I sent a message to our Pastor that although B2’s presentation needs some work his thought process is on the right track.

B2: Mom, Are you married yet?

Me: Nope, why?

B2: Because I want a new brother or sister.

Me: Huh???

B2: Well, no, I don’t want a new brother, just a new sister, because my sister is gone.

Me: WHAT?????

B2: You know…Bug is moved out now, I need a new sister.

Me: Oh kid…no no no no…that is not how it works. You can’t just replace your big sister because she grew up and moved out.

B2: I know Mom, that’s why I asked if you were married yet.

Me: Who am I going to marry? I have to go on some dates first and have a boyfriend before I get married.

B2: Oh, never mind then.

At least he has his priorities in order…marriage first and then babies.


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