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So There I Was…

So there I was…sleeping peacefully, alone in my bed. It’s 2:00 am and B2 crawls in with me. Not a problem, curl up tight, go back to sleep. Not even 20 minutes later B1 comes to bed asking for cuddles. As I normally do, I roll on to my back, each boy takes a shoulder and I wrap my arms around them and they quickly go back to sleep.

I can’t sleep in this position for very long so after they are both sleeping I move to the bottom bunk.

So there I was, listening to their breathing; deep, regular…yep, safe to move I think and almost at the exact same time one of them starts giggling in his sleep and the other one starts snoring.

I waited for he giggling to stop and that boy’s breathing to return to regular before moving. Who am I to interrupt a good hearty laugh?!


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