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Can You Say God-Timing?

WOW…today has completely changed the look of the next few weeks/months. Life is good.

Just wanted to update so nobody is worried about me and the boys through the Christmas week. We ARE gonna be okay!!

  • My unemployment claim was granted, even though I quit my job.
  • I qualify for a program through the unemployment office that will help to pay some of our bills.
  • The same program will also help to cover costs of things such as daycare (if needed), gas, and work clothes.

I am BEYOND excited to get things going back in the right direction!!

I am buying B2 a guitar for Christmas (he’s always wanted one) and I am buying B1 a scooter…yes, sucks that it is December, but he wants one bad enough he won’t care!!


2 thoughts on “Can You Say God-Timing?

  1. Awesome, Deb! I’m a firm believer in God giving what one needs when one needs it most. Merry Christmas to you and the boys!

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