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How the End Started

So, the ex is super pissed that I have a new life that does not include him and that I am not drowning in sorrow and despair over the end of our marriage…I mean really, who is he trying to kid, our marriage has been over for years. The fact that I have this whole new life that looks a lot like my life before he entered the picture just absolutely infuriates him.

One of the things that attracted him to me was the life I led. I am…and will always be a princess. Yes, I was given much as a child and young adult and my parents would still be forking it over if I let them. I also know that to have ‘stuff’ you have to work you ass off if you want it all. You cannot sit around and wait for your mommy and daddy to hand it over (or your wife’s mommy and daddy as the case was in my marriage). 

I don’t know if I told you this but my marriage has never been the same since I cut my parents off from saving our asses every month. It was nothing for him to call my mom and tell her we were short on funds for bills and have her put $1000 in our account. What he never understood was that our bills should have been paid BEFORE play time. So I told my mom NO MORE…less than two months later he moved out for the first time.

Our marriage had been in trouble for a while at that point anyway due to our different money management techniques and the inability to come to any sort of compromise that didn’t include allowance from my parents. They had already saved our house from foreclosure (I wish now they hadn’t) and continued to fork it over to indulge him. I think I was 33 when I put an end to it, he would have been 38…not too young to know (or learn) how to manage finances.

So that was the beginning of the end of my marriage…and I am a much better, stronger woman for all that I have had to over come in the last few years. The adversity that has strengthened me has brought me back to my roots…and the woman I was, and a life I love.


One thought on “How the End Started

  1. Interesting. I feel like I was forced to grow up, and went in protesting, to some degree. Growth isn’t always fun, but rarely am I not grateful once I feel re-established on the other side of the pain. Be proud. You’ve earned it.

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